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   March 2022

01: ceaseless troubling thoughts - Usually I'm pretty good about not obsessing over bad news or grim futures I have no control over (my aging and death, the deaths of those I love, the horrors of climate change, or the fact that one day the Sun will boil away the Earth's oceans).
02: different kinds of brutality - StackOverflow vs. the Russian war on Ukraine.
03: two guys from corporate - A day of meetings, some more stressful than others. This included a discussion of Russian agression over mediocre Chinese food.
04: quick unscheduled meeting - It was kind of a pop quiz and I hadn't, in this metaphor, done my homework.
05: Don Donsplains Ukraine - The anniversary of Stalin's death and not going on a wild goose chase to find a flaky duplex outlet.
06: Bella White in Northampton - Also, a museum visit and several not-great eatery experiences.
07: again with the aloo mushroom - Despite gut problems related to having eaten that for dinner last night.
08: a bone good enough to bring home - Neville, who hasn't been going on walks lately, joins me on my afternoon walk and wins a modest prize.
09: stopping a car when brakes don't do the trick - Suddenly finding myself driving on a surface where the car turns into a sled.
10: probably coyote tracks - Looking at a mysterious line of tracks in the snow.
11: red-winged blackbirds and the limits of my VisualStudio knowledge - Maybe those are just blue jays who have learned to sing their songs. And what happens when you are asked to publicly drive a vehicle you taught yourself how to drive.
12: big check blizzard - A mid-March blizzard does not stop a big check from coming through.
13: late pandemic art opening - Little line drawings hung west of New Paltz. And moving away from a repeated cougher in P&G.
14: still an hour and a half of sunlight left - Enjoying Daylight Savings Time and doing my annual self-review.
15: a beautiful day for impersonating a red-tailed hawk - A gorgeous day in early spring featuring some landlording and even the painting of a picture.
16: not all of which has aged well in a post #MeToo world - Ramona gets frisky at Nancy's 55th birthday dinner party.
17: metal stitches in plastic - A quick and dirty fix for cracked refrigerator door bins.
18: freeze damage Friday - I'm not happy when I turn on the water at the cabin.
19: first thunderstorm of the year - A warmish late-March day at the cabin. Meanwhile the lake is wrapped in a thick shroud of fog.
20: metal stitches in plastic - A quick and dirty fix for cracked refrigerator door bins.
21: becoming an extension of my body - Now I'm so comfortable with VisualStudio that I actually like using it.
22: pillow and a way to suck water - Two things I bought today at Target.
23: good day at the Tibetan Center thrift store - And then I discover a new life-affirming band.
24: Dunning-Kruger screws - A noteworthy discovery at the brick mansion on Downs Street.
25: heat is overrated - Happily hanging out in a room where temperatures are less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
26: things remain broken - Unable to fix the hot water and other problems at the cabin. But at least there's a Burly Beard for me to drink.
27: things I hate about APC - It's not just the stupid piezoelectric beeper, it's also the infuriating construction technique.
28: theories of propane chuckleheadedness - I am able to monitor conditions at the cabin even without a remote temperature probe, and what I see makes me drive there.
29: another successful annual review - After some good recent work-related performance, I ace my annual review. Also, making progress on the various problems with the Adirondack cabin.
30: rockfall flagstones - Nature produces some more easily-accessible bluestone at the abandoned bluestone mine. And a Mexican dinner in Bearsville.
31: good thing I had a beanbag - Salvaging more from the Red Hook office and then suffering from possibly vaccine-related lethargy.