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Wednesday, March 2 2022
It was a typical Wednesday in that I worked the usual remote workday and then made spaghetti with chonky chonks of tofu, onions, and mushrooms to add to the red sauce. This contained a lot of mushrooms, since I'd been to the Hannaford in Red Hook and bought some and then Powerful had bought more, not knowing about the big container I'd bought. I'd taken 150 milligrams of pseudoephedrine in hopes of focusing my mind to better understand AWS AppStream, and it definitely helped. What didn't help was a question I'd asked on StackOverflow, which was never answered but instead downvoted twice. That place is brutal.
After dinner, I took a nice relaxing bath while waiting for diphenhydramine to kick in. Between the pseudoephedrine and the booze, I was feeling a lot less stressed out about the war in Ukraine than I had been yesterday. But that war continues to be brutal in a way that makes StackOverflow look like a Prüvit downline lovebombing.

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