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Saturday, March 12 2022
We awoke to a blizzard underway, with strong winds, blowing snow, and unseasonably cold temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s Fahrenheit. I fired up the woodstove, made the coffee, and wrote the day's arrangement of letters from the New York Times Spelling Bee on our little whiteboard (which I'd originally bought for remote teaching of SQL to a Mercy For Animals colleague back in late 2016 or early 2017). The panagram was "immunized," and we would manage to get all but two of the words.
Our newest tenant in the Downs Street house is paying a year of rent (nearly $15,000) up front, so Gretchen is anxious to get that check. But it keeps not working our for various reasons. The reason today was the blizzard, but by late this afternoon, it had calmed down enough for Gretchen to drive into town with the dogs in Powerful's Prius to rendezvous and pick up that big check. The dogs would end up having a fairly good time walking around the outside of the credit union and meeting several people in the lobby area where the ATM machines are.
I drank a fair amount of kratom tea today and this seemed to help me make further progress on some procrastinated workplace work. A couple minor Eureka moments of late with respect to C# included learning that one can inject any repository one wants into a controller so long as a call to services.AddScoped is made in ConfigureServices() in StartUp.cs, something I had to figure out myself when Google proved no help.
Gretchen made ravioli with "meatballs" and roasted cauliflower for dinner, though I'd already kind of ruined my appetite eating very high quality corn chips.

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