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Friday, March 4 2022
Things were less stressful today, as the only meeting scheduled was the morning scrum. But in the early afternoon, the CTO wanted to have a quick unscheduled meeting about the AppStream project I've been working on. It was kind of a pop quiz and I hadn't, in this metaphor, done my homework. So I quickly cranked through the effort necessary to programmatically generate an AppStream URL, which U had sent me a code sample for and which had eluded the best minds looking at my question on StackOverflow. The quick unscheduled meeting ended up happening a couple hours later and wasn't about the stuff I'd been doing like homework on the bus at all but was instead about U's tentative design for our DynamoDB database, the subject about which I'd mildly lost my shit yesterday. I felt like I had a good handle on that, so my confidence came flooding back. And then in the end, after setting up a OneNote document, the CTO got called off to another emergency meeting, leaving Dr. Dan and me to figure out a data-passing strategy. It was most definitely not rocket science. Dr. Dan seems okay, though he does like to drop mentions of all his education into casual conversation.
This evening after doing a big grocery shopping foray (which included the purchase of a very premature Costco-sized box of matzohs), Gretchen made two different Thai dishes. For her, it was an usually weak meal, but who was I to complain? The three of us sat down at the dinner table to eat it together while I sipped one of the Lagunitas beers that Powerful had got me for my birthday. Later, Gretchen and I watched both Jeopardy! and an episode of Shark Tank, the one with products to deodorized human feces and store breast milk. Gretchen almost fast-forwarded through that first one, but I stopped her because I was interested in the chemistry and how the pitch would play out. As for the breast milk bag idea, well, Gretchen has a weakness for pitches by minority entrepreneurs so long as they don't involve the killing of animals.

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