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Thursday, March 31 2022
A little before 2:00pm, Gretchen left for her overnight visit to the City, mostly to surprise her friend Marisa on her birthday, but also to meet up with her former prisoner-student Robert. [REDACTED]
After work, I made yet another (I'm thinking this really will be my last) visit to the Red Hook office to salvage things before we have to hand in our keys in April. There's not a whole lot there worth salvaging except more door-sized panels containing panes of glass. I got four of those, including two with hardware so they could be rolled back and forth on rails. I also got a rack-mounted APC 750 uninterruptible power supply, another more conventional one, a small portable movie screen, a small portable HP inkjet printer, and a mix of odds and ends, including many rolls of two inch thermal paper that had been in the trash and an impressive array of generic brackets and brass hinges (probably removed from the doors that had been repurposed as sliding glass panels; I suspect they resulted from a remodel that Wil, the old head honcho, undertook at once of his residences).
I had a low-key evening all to my self (which is possible in this enormous house, even with Powerful down in his room in the basement). For dinner, I ate Gretchen's leftover vegan tacos from Wednesday night at the Bear Cantina. I took 150 mg of diphenhydramine not long after 7:00pm, which is when I usually take it if I take it at all. But even faster than it could kick in, I started feeling lethargic, perhaps as consequence of the covid booster I'd gotten on Wednesday. It was good that the laboratory now has a bean bag, which I could kick back in while watching a couple more episodes of the Dropout, this time without Gretchen. It was good that I'd be watching them again with her, as diphenhydramine intereferes with the laying down of permanent memories.

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