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   May 2022

01: the best month of the year in this climate - Driving around with a road beer in May.
02: possible use for a spare hot water heater - Up at the cabin, it might be able to heat water with spare solar electricity.
03: raise beds in the garden - Gretchen hires some gardeners to give us a more orderly place to raise vegetables.
04: the lurch's new cat - Getting dog food and thrift good stuff on a rainy day while Powerful suffers from an illness that might be covid.
05: covid comes for me - More than two years into the pandemic, I test positive.
06: covid workday - Especially ridiculous that this was the day they rolled out a time reporting system.
07: covid Saturday - A particularly unpleasant weekend begins.
08: time for a covid poop - After more than a day in the tiny Greenhouse upstairs, I stagger up to the house a few times after Gretchen tests positive for covid.
09: beautiful day for having covid - Also, I go for a pointless ride to Uptown after a miscommunication.
10: government Paxlovid - I start taking an anti-viral drug regime because it's freely offered by the government.
11: first pretty good post-covid day - I manage to have a fairly normal workday, sitting mostly at my desk.
12: out and about with my covid - Told I don't need to self-isolate, I engage in some commerce.
13: not many female voices - Driving to the cabin, Gretchen notes how few female singers WEXT is playing.
14: Madyson the Beaver - An early morning visit to the lake gets me some nice photographs. And somehow yet again we didn't by enough tile.
15: forms of the red eft - Both on the trail and in the lake.
16: faux chicken nuggets and plantains - I'm feeling some post-covid fatigue and Powerful cooks a mostly-dreary meal.
17: cleaning gutters for the first time in fourteen years - This involved dealing with a single malevolent white-faced hornet.
18: broccoli thermal mass - In red sauce, it apparently retains its heat a long time.
19: garden started, 2022 - Despite lingering covid, Gretchen picks up garden plants, which I use to start the garden.
20: hot water heater takes the low route - I only require Gretchen's help to wrestle it over the guard rail. Then I drive to the cabin.
21: a second hot water heater for the cabin - I manage to unload and install the heater all by myself.
22: the last cuts of a 20 year old diamond blade - These thick bathroom floor tiles resisted cutting enough to tell me I need a new blade.
23: homemade pupusas and a jade plant - And my boss comes by to pick up the canoe he left with me.
24: laboratory chipmunk - Hopefully he'll find his way out. Also, about 25% of people will protect themselves from ain airborne virus irrespective of the rules.
25: a perfect day in May - Running errands when it's 72 degrees and the skies are clear.
26: PickAMovieForMe recommendation - How I came to be watching a Justin Timberlake vehicle similar to Logan's Run.
27: Capital Buffet loading dock - You can tell a lot by a restaurant by looking at what's near its back door. Also, finishing the wall tile in the upstairs bathroom at the cabin.
28: first barbecue of 2022 - Also, the danger of upsale grout.
29: serial water heaters - I alter the basement plumbing so the electric water heater can pre-heat water for the gas-powered water heater, should it ever work again.
30: injured right foot and a four-leaf clover - A swollen toe and stung by a bee. Also, spinach-tempeh tacos.
31: chickens, bees, and the Dug Hill Road bus turnaround - We (Gretchen, Powerful, and I, along with a few neighbors) attend a meeting of the Hurley Town Board.