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Monday, July 18 2022

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

Last night Gretchen had started watching a second Jeopardy!, I'd known I would never get to sleep unless I went to the greenhouse. So that was where I slept night. Before going to bed, I'd been watching YouTube videos (one on the subject of whether or not young people in the past used to look older was full of interesting tangents) and drinking a bit too much scotch, so today I suffered slightly from a mild hangover. It was bad enough to cause me to take multiple breaks lounging on the laboratory bean bag. Oscar the Cat always loves it when I get on that thing, though I usually try to keep him from putting his weight on my rib cage when I'm lying there. He'll put a paw on my chest and I'll immediately poke it away. He'll do this a few times before figuring out I don't want him there. But if he makes a break for it, gets on my chest quickly and immediately lies down (that is, supporting all his weight on just his paws), I'll tolerate him there indefinitely.
This lack of initiative had me feeling even more paranoid about my job, even though I'm more of a fatalist about it these days. Late this afternoon I rallied and did some work involving upgrading the Newtonsoft.Json library of some .NET projects (which, as with all things .NET, did not go smoothly). And then I started preparing a dinner of macaroni noodles cooked with garden-grown cauliflower and broccoli and a frying pan full of seared tofu and sauteed onions. I'd forgotten that Gretchen was meeting up with Jule, one of her more on-the-ball former prisoner-students. After their dinner, Gretchen and Jule convoyed out to our house, arriving while I was in the bathtub. I got out just in time to catch Jule before he left, and he asked me a question whose answer was "open source web spider software." He recently quit a very highly-paid job working as a diversity coordinator for Amazon.

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