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   percocet acid reflux
Tuesday, October 11 2022
At noon today, I went on my customary run for provisions into Uptown Kingston. The first thing I got was a 96 pack of pseudoephedrine, as I'd depleted the previous package over the course of the summer. Then I went to the Hannaford mostly to return cans for deposit, and (unusually) the can-crushing robot was fully operational. It denied me deposits on two cans, one a Hazy Little Thing for an unreadable barcode and the other, a Burly Beard Stout, because this Hannaford claims not to sell it, though I know it can be bought at the Hannaford in Amsterdam. While there, I bought a few provision: a half gallon of Bold & Spicy Mr. & Mrs. T bloody mary mix, a large value-pack of mushrooms, and three cans of Gardein-brand "Chick'n Noodl'" soup. That soup is so realistic that Neville seems convinced it's the real thing when I give him the can to lick.
I then drove out to the Tibetan Center thrift store, and in one of the sheds out back I found a few things worth getting: a Logitech computer speaker system with added bass speaker and some sort of chassis for hot-swapping 3.5 inch SATA drives, attachable via USB 2.0, SATA, and some small 9-pin mystery connector.

This afternoon I made the mistake of taking a recreational percocet. Usually they give me a couple hours of mild bliss, but every now and then, probably because of my stomach contents, they make me miserable. Today the main result of the percocet was nagging acid reflux for the rest of the day. Antacids and lying on my back seemed to help, but I really wanted to get some workplace work done. Eventually I gave up on that, and at 5:00pm I took a nice hot bath and then took some diphenhydramine and went to bed early.

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