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   April 2023

01: beautiful April Fool's Day - Mysterious landlording, boozy imperial stout, and a lot of Chinese food that Gretchen decides she doesn't want.
02: Jack dogsitting amnesia - Unlike our dogs, he never really settles in.
03: a little badass - Diane knows how to deal with Jack the Dog.
04: beautiful seder eve - Ray picks up Jack and Gretchen toils in the kitchen.
05: seder, 2023 - This time in West Hurley.
06: intractable drainage problem - When Liquid Plumr doesn't work, it's time for a snake.
07: D&H Canal - Fern's latest residence on the north bank of Rondout Creek.
08: pipe full of grease - Finally I get the second floor kitchen sink's drain working.
09: hanging tree of heaven - We need the services of a tree expert.
10: compost transfer, 2023 - Also trying to make most of the winter's dogshit disappear.
11: chosen battery-powered tool ecosystem - Trying to buy a farm jack. And the idea of running my stupid Harbor Freight tools using Ryobi batteries.
12: big farm jack - Actually buying one. And my mother gets out of the nursing home for a visit to Creekside.
13: what is Joy Tarder up to? - A mysterious caller tells me she's stealing all my mother's money.
14: dewinterized, 2023 - I drive to the cabin the spend the first night there in 2023.
15: dock recommissioning, 2023 - Getting the floating part of the dock back out in the lake proves easier than expected.
16: soft gummy wood from a lake - A natural dog-approved chew toy.
17: death - A pet cemetery and an unexpected overdose death in our social network.
18: toy debt - An unpleasant pseudoephedrine day and my brother calls and tells me how he's been going into debt to buy Lego toys and a drone, among other things.
19: don't actually need that farm jack - Receiving while returning at the Home Depot.
20: Lester's appointment with the grim reaper - But cats have nine lives, don't forget.
21: Tig Notaro at the Bardavon - A new tenant signs a lease, vegan Mexican food, and the performance of a fairly famous comedian.
22: getting the cabin's battery out of shutdown mode - Also, eating too many calories from Bitchin Donuts for breakfast.
23: slow leak updates - After attempting to leave the cabin in a car with a flat tire, we manage to get that tire inflated and keep it sufficiently so for the drive back to Hurley.
24: cats not liking netwear - A bell for Diane and a cone for Lester. Also: Legos can apparently be conjured up by mumbling their part numbers at your brother.
25: ten years procrastinated - I finally migrate some ancient Arduino code so I can compile it in a modern Arduino IDE.
26: friends in ayahuasca - A very random circle of connections involving house sitting, Oberlin college, and ayahuasca.
27: biggie-sized asparagus - Dinner over at Ray & Nancy's, who are repainting the outside of their house.
28: fixing my own git mess - Though the problem was one I created, I managed to be fairly impressive when I fixed it.
29: a first aid kit for the cabin - After injuring my finger on a plumbing project, I find the cabin has no first aid kit at all.
30: doggie Fritos party on the road - Salty snacks on a rainy drive home from the cabin.