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Monday, April 3 2023
Jack the Dog wasn't as annoying today, partly because he was willing to settle down more and, for example, take a nap in the laboratory beanbag. It also helped that the cats were less stressed-out about him today. Diane the Cat in particular acts like a little badass around him, arching her back, standing her ground, and even doing things like deliberately turning her back on him just to show she's got complete command of the situation. In response, Jack generally steers well around her, though sometimes he wants to sniff her nose and Diane happily obliges and doesn't even act all that hostile while doing so.
After work, Gretchen was off having dinner with one of her friends at one of the Yum Yums, so I didn't have to make dinner (and I still had plenty of leftover Chinese food for myself). Instead I took a rare second bath in two days, since (due to sunny conditions) the hot water was almost free.


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