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   intractable drainage problem
Thursday, April 6 2023
In the remote workplace, I've been struggling with a number of open-ended tasks related to the ESRI mapping thing, something I'd also worked on this summer. I hate vague, open-ended tickets, so I'm finding it best to focus on small things that I can actually do instead of vague things like "overall performance" (which is always less than ideal on systems like this.

After work today, I went out to the brick mansion on Downs Street to address some issues for our tenants on the second floor. There was a problem with the plumbing under the sink that the tenant thought might be related to how they fit together. (He also thought the drain trap might be a problem given that water would pool in it, so I explained why that pooled water has to be there.) I'd stopped at Herzog's to get some Liquid Plumr and 1.5 inch plastic drainage pieces in case something needed to be replaced, but everything was fine; all I had to do was re-install a slip nut and then it all seemed to work. So I could do the other tasks: re-caulking around the sink and tub and re-measuring a broken window whose measurements I'd lost. But as I was doing another little task out in the hallway, the tenant called down to me saying the sink wasn't draining. Evidently that was the real problem. So I removed some of the pipes and poured in some Liquid Plumr, but it achieved nothing. After removing all the pipes back to where they could no longer be removed, I could tell the blockage was somewhere beyond that. I tried poking into the pipe with a wire, but it did no good. I had never experienced such an intractable drainage problem.
While I was doing all this plumbing, I got some Liquid Plumr on my hands, and was horrified to see it was immediately bleaching my skin and causing it to peel away. But then I realized that this was just white caulk I'd failed to get off my fingers.
From Downs Street, I drove to Home Depot, where I bought a spooling drain snake, one that could reach 25 feet into a plumbing system. It cost about $40.

I always want to take a bath after grubbing around in someone else's dirt, so that was exactly what I did when I got back home on Hurley Mountain.

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