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   Jack dogsitting amnesia
Sunday, April 2 2023
There was power outage in the middle of the night. I awoke on the couch in the teevee room and it was absolutely dark in there, meaning none of the LEDs of any of the devices that are usually always on were illuminated.
The power outage continued this morning when Ray came over to drop off his dog Jack, whom we would be dogsitting for the next couple days while he spends time down in New York City. I was making myself a french press of coffee at the time, but neither Gretchen nor Ray drink real coffee anymore, so it was all mine. While Gretchen was taking all the dogs for a walk (they all went because Jack was there), Ray and I discussed the unsightly months-old thick rubber pipes along Zena Road being used to replenish the Kingston Reservoirs from the Ashokan Reservoir. Our power came back on before Ray set out on his adventures.
Later Gretchen went off to meet our recent housesitter Fern at Black Bird Info Shop, leaving me alone with the dogs. I always have amnesia about how annoying Jack is to dog sit. If he'd just take a nap or something, he would be no big deal. But instead he paces back and forth, occasionally even whimpering quietly. He's also not so great with the cats. He's nervous when he sees one, and if they stand their ground, he'll avoid them. However, if they run (and they often do) then he chases them. So I ended up spending much of my day on the living room couch watching very long YouTube videos to keep him out of the laboratory so the cats could have some peace up there. I was also kind of hungover from what I'd been drinking last evening, so I didn't have much motivation to do much else. The YouTube videos I watched were mainly "The Future is a Dead Mall," about the sorry state of Decentraland's take on "the metaverse" and "Influencer Courses are Garbage: The Dark Side of Content Creation." The two together took well over three hours to listen to, and make fore entertaining listening while one is doing something else. But the only "something else" I managed to do was to wash the dishes and take Jack on two different walks, one up the Farm Road and back on the plateau to its west and one just to the stone wall on the Stick Trail (while listening to the audio part of the YouTube streams broadcast over a local FM frequency). He might not be much fun to dogsit, but at least (unlike our dogs) he appreciates a walk.
Meanwhile, most of what I was eating consisted of Chinese food, though at some point I got a hankering for Netflix & Chill'd Ben & Jerry's vegan icecream.

Soon after Gretchen came home, I went off to take a bath, which is the normal way I end a day that begins with a hangover.

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