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   beautiful seder eve
Tuesday, April 4 2023
We had a gorgeous spring day, and would've left the front door wide open had Jack not demonstrated a propensity to wander off (I caught him snooping around in the yards across the road yesterday).

While I was in group QA early this afternoon when I happened to check a news site, which I hadn't done in a few hours. I found that Donald Trump had been arraigned and charged with 34 felonies, which seemed like a good start for a man who has gone through a life as a one-man crime spree.

Ray came by a little before 5:00pm to pick up Jack and he ended up chatting with Gretchen and me for more than a half hour. He said the rise of artificial intelligence and the recent bank runs (on, for example, Silicon Valley Bank, which had to be liquidated) were two of the major topics of discussion among the people he'd been socializing with.

In preparation for a seder tomorrow at someone else's house, Gretchen spent most of the day puttering around in the kitchen. Occasionally I helped by washing dishes. I'm still mostly eating leftover Chinese food, but, since I'd used up all the rice that came with it, I had to make some more. That wasn't what we had for dinner; instead, Gretchen made some sort of thick wholewheat pasta and a cheese sauce, to which I added slices of one of those chili peppers Fern gave me a couple weeks ago.

Diane with Jack today out by the raised garden beds out in front of the house. Click to enlarge.

Lester the Cat late this afternoon. Note the red patch on his left wrist. That's the site of a cancer that will soon kill him, though he seems content for now. Click to enlarge.

Lester, Gretchen, Ray, and Jack this evening. Note the shredded dining room chairs. Don't get a chair with upholstered legs if you have cats! Click to enlarge.

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