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Monday, February 5 2024
I did a bunch of procrastination well into the afternoon. One such procrastinatory activity was obsessively checking the temperature of the hot water being collected by the solar hot water system. This was the third sunny day in a row, and the things I'd done yesterday had it firing on all cylinders. Temperatures had only increased in the tank by ten degrees per day without any substantial use of the hot water. But last night I'd taken a bath and this morning Gretchen took a shower, and despite all that today, temperatures in the tank went from about 80 degrees Fahrenheit to nearly 100.
Another procrastinatory activity involved added small amounts of spray foam to seal any gaps in the insulation on the new mini-split's refrigerant pipes near the outdoor unit. I then cut away the excess foam, especially when I wanted to attached the little plastic shroud that goes over the pipes where they connect to the outdoor unit. But I'd jumped the gun a bit on that, and the spray foam was still sticky and semi-molten on the inside, leaving a mess on my knife (a kitchen knife; don't tell Gretchen!) that I then had to clean with paint thinner.
I also attempted to walk Charlotte the Dog up the Farm Road, since Gretchen hadn't had enough time before she left for her bookstore shift. Charlotte came some of the way, mostly because I had peanuts to lure her with. But after the peanuts ran out, she headed back home.

The thing I was procrastinating was the completion of a comprehensive screener test for a job that I could probably get, as the guy I talked to on the phone seemed nice and simpatico with me on the issues that have been preventing me from getting a job. So eventually I overcame my inertia and started working on the screeners. [REDACTED]

I'd made a pot of rice earlier in the evening, as I've been liking rice more of late. But when Gretchen called from the road (on her way back from the bookstore and then visiting the fancy 1.5 million dollar house in Woodstock that Fern is housesitting), she said she wanted bowtie noodles. So I put on a pot of water and salted it. As you might expect, Gretchen didn't know I'd salted it and salted it a second time. This made the pasta unusually salty, but it turns out it's actually really good that way.

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