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   Charlotte races home
Friday, February 9 2024 [REDACTED]

This morning Gretchen and Andrea crossed the Hudson again, this time to visit the Little Loaf Bakery at its current temporary location in Poughkeepsie. They eventually came back with various baked goods, including a savory one for me (it was a croissant stuffed with chipotle cream cheese). Meanwhile I tried to take the dogs for a walk, but only Charlotte came, and she decided to race home at top speed soon after the peanuts I was bribing her with ran out.
I was feeling a little depressed and between things today, like I needed some big project to better engage me, at least until I get a job. There are a number of candidates projects, but I didn't have the initiative to start anything either.
This evening Gretchen made a kale-potato-white-bean soup, corn bread, and a kind of Asian slaw, and the three of us all sat at the dining table to eat it. Later we all watched the second episode of the fourth season of True Detective. I decided to give it a second chance, and this time I enjoyed it a bit more, if only because of the dark comedy of a large "corpsicle" (a block of ice containing six or seven naked people flash-frozen in their death throes).

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