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   right-ear medication also works in the left ear
Monday, February 19 2024
At 2:00pm I loaded up the dogs on an errand to take Charlotte to the Ulster County SPCA vaccine clinic for her rabies and distemper boosters. (We try to use the vaccine clinics when we can, since they're cheaper than the Hurley vet and the money is going to a better cause.) I was a little early to the clinic, as Neville and Charlotte had both hopped right into the Forester without any of Charlotte's traditional hesitancy. So I left the dogs in the car and went into the double-wide trailer where the clinic is held. Soon thereafter, I was told that I could go get Charlotte. So I went and got both her and Neville, as I knew that would be easier than getting just Charlotte. But then that the employee who was waiting for me started yelling at me that I'd only signed up to have one dog looked at. I shouted back that the other dog was just to calm Charlotte down. The woman shouted back that under no circumstances was I supposed to bring more than one dog. Okay, take a chill pill, lady. "I don't know what the rules are!" I shouted in exasperation. That put the whole interaction on a bad foot, and I was snippy from then on. (I also had to catch Charlotte within the Forester and carry her out, as she wasn't separating from Neville voluntarily.) When the employee then tried to upsell me on heartworm bullshit, I said that I was just there for the rabies and distemper shots. She replied in a snippy way that she had to ask me all these things, so I decided to mute my feelings and just get through the whole unpleasant thing. One additional element of unpleasantness was the fact that the Ulster County SPCA people claimed that the records we'd gotten with Charlotte (ultimately from a shelter in Amherst, Virginia) were so incomplete (a part of the document was cut off before we got it) that Charlotte could only receive a one year rabies booster instead of the three-year one we'd been wanting to get. There was obviously no point in arguing the issue (though I'm sure Gretchen would've tried). So I got the stupid one-year booster. And then, after I returned a Charlotte to the car, a different person, the actual vet, came out and told me that Charlotte has a very mild yeast infection in her right ear and that he would be giving me a salve to put on it. He partiently explained all of this to me, as if I had just fallen off the back of a turnip truck. When he mentioned that if the infection spread to the left ear, I could use the same medication, I asked, "So there's not a different medication for left ears?"
On the way home, I stopped at the Uptown Hannaford for provisions I knew we were out of or running low on: Ben & Jerry's ice cream, diphenhydramine, corn tostadas, stand & stuff taco shells, corn flakes, Belgian ale, and lots of canned beans, some to replenish the depleted prepper stash that I keep in the laboratory (I write the date of purchase on such cans so I don't let them get too old).

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