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   October 1999

01: the old Giacomo - We track down an old friend in Ocean Beach.
02: Baja Seasons Resort, Mexico - These little resorts are so detached from the rest of Mexico that they're like little city states.
03: Mexican lobster - Yumpsters in Puerto Nuevo.
04: Sophie swims seeking squirrel - An occurence at the eastern end of the Dog Beach sandbar.
05: A cat in New Orleans - A little what it's like in a city where Visa may not necessarily be of much assistance.
06: Mississippi River boat ride - We ride a New Orleans street car and a riverboat too.
07: stop the vacation I want to get off - I just want to kick back and watch teevee but Kim says that's no way to enjoy a vacation.
08: New Orleans Oktoberfest - We do lunch on Esplanade and then see the Dufy exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art, then Oktoberfest and an art opening.
09: the wedding - What little of it I recall.
10: glad the vacation is over - Humiliated by hangover, etc. The Exorcist doesn't help.
11: bus engine fire - Vaguely bored, but actually happy to be back at work.
12: the smell of old wood paneling - I feel like a changed man.
13: co-location tour II - Most of the product team tours the downtown co-location facility.
14: hunger shakes - I put off eating and suffer predictably weird symptoms.
15: Hooters, jockstrap of America - I accompany a group of co-workers to lunch at Hooters. Whoah, who knew things could be get this tacky?
16: crazy talk - The Grand Pooh back makes a modest proposal.
17: tantric telephone talk - A renown tantric mastress solicits us as actors in a tantric sex video she may be making.
18: veggie place in Hillcrest - It's Steph's birthday and we go to a veggie restaurant. Kim gives it a B- though.
19: crazy, industrious little - Type O Negative, crazy little power mad type-A personalities, etc.
20: shit keeps stacking up - I blink my eyes and again I'm overwhelmed with work.
21: to and fro - Ideal levels of workplace activity.
22: overplanned birthday - The perils of excessive birthday preparation.
23: sponsored by Camels Cigarettes - We go to trendy Club Vynyl in Los Angeles to see Cyclefly. Also, we attend a rave and see Crash Worship.
24: transformed to a Mahatma - The oddly appealing changes that have swept over Rory Miller in the past year.
25: today was a good day - The company celebrates its millionth member with champagne and generosity.
26: where are the Blair Witch actors now? - I see the movie on videotape.
27: calculators in Russia - I see the movie on videotape.
28: sproing! - The website blows a gasket and no one can tell why.
29: fake red suspenders - A company party at the overly-uptight Onyx Room in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter.
30: one way to complete a task - I decide not to do an after-hours web project for a guy.
31: short films made on Ecstasy - Also, dealing with an especially stupid Irish waitress in San Diego's posh dining district.