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   November 1999

01: Dark rides yet again - The aftermath of the change to standard time.
02: goatlike wolf - One of the couples I see along the San Diego River.
03: job fair people - There's a subtle art to figuring out whom to hire.
04: certain satisfaction - The joys and pitfalls of being a fast, flexible, competent, confident programmer.
05: acquisition portrayed as merger - Soldiers of the defeated army come to San Diego to amass with us for the final capitalist assault.
06: unnecessary scrutiny - In a mad dash to buy a house, Kim puts me through humiliation and other torture.
07: cool new shoes - We benefit from a going out of business sale.
08: schlameel - Default settings no one would willingly use.
09: pre-IPO discipline - Something in my personal file about an animated Dan Reitman GIF that inadvertantly went live on the homepage of the 11th largest site on the web.
10: Henry and June - Kim and I get sort of turned on as we watch this NC-17-rated flick.
11: chocolate lady bugs - Sophie eats one and experiences guilt.
12: tantric weekend begins - It's weird and kind of hokey, but interesting too.
13: wacky Los Angeles lecture & show - Featuring a discussion on psychedelic culture, etc.
14: tantric weekend ends - I'm introduced to a new drug-free way to get high.
15: especially ugly fight - In a fit of obsessive weirdness Kim comes to my workplace and drives me to the brink of breakup.
16: November rain - I light misty rain falls as I bike home from another hard day of work.
17: Leonid Meteor Shower - A few falling stars seen in the west.
18: little radio - I buy a tiny walkman stereo receiver.
19: back when I had nothing - Money meant nothing. Now that I have enough cash to buy a car, I want a house instead.
20: illuminated by selfish intents - Pay attention to the selfish motivations behind every action to maximize the depth of your analysis thereof.
21: a bum selling papers - An alternative to panhandling.
22: thorn in the road - I get a flat tire.
23: overextended - What it's like to be the only conceivable developer for most projects.
24: Ten Crows - The story of the Cherokee bartenderr at Galoka.
25: courtyard Thanksgiving - The neighbors cook up a bunch of food including deep-fried turkey.
26: a slice of privacy - A boring sort of day so I build some algorithms. Also: things are cool with Kim.
27: freedom and rules - You know you're free when you don't know the rules.
28: erosion of celebrity - What electronically-generated personalities will do to our notions of fame.
29: a bone thrown to Austin - The pitfalls of strategic projects designed mostly for the purpose of teambuilding.
30: not paid by the hour - Why team programming with an hourly employee sucks.