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Tuesday, November 2 1999
There's this one couple I can count on seeing every morning as I ride in to work along the San Diego River. The man has a bit of a pot belly and a grizzled sailor's face. He's decidedly older than the woman, who is blond and thin, and though from the distance she looks to be about twenty, she is probably at least forty. They always hold hands, and he's always walking the same big ugly dog. The dog looks like he was built by committee, with huge splotches of Australian Shepherd, Holstein Cow, the drooping ears of a donkey, and the angry, suspicious face of a goatlike wolf. He's very protective of his loving-couple-masters, and has occasionally growled at me. The man always wraps the slack of the dog's leash tightly around his hand as I approach. Both of the people always smile at me; I'm as familiar to them as they are to me. The dog's suspicion, though, has never abated.

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