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Tuesday, February 1 2000
With the assistance of the Spies webmaster Ceej, I set up an Ultimate Bulletin Board forum for this journal. UBB works somewhat similarly to the ASP/SQL-based message board system I built for my employer, and this should come as no surprise because my design was based on some superficial exposure to UBB. What I did when I built my message board system was similar to "embrace and extend," except I actually did extend UBB; the latest release of my messageboard system is better than UBB in some important ways, although it still lacks search.
For all my trechnical genius, I was amazingly klutzy setting up the UBB, accidentally creating a half-dozen copies of my root forum level before I even noticed what I was doing. Part of my problem was that I was at work at the time, trying to set up the UBB while being discrete about the fact that what I was doing was not work related.
Kim was off at work when I got home, so I spent another large block of time recording stuff with my four track without worrying about being interrupted.
I also smoked a bunch of pot by myself and watched an excellent Frontline about the war on marijuana in America. The most disturbing thing I learned from the show was that officers involved in the DARE program, which is supposed to teach young children how to avoid getting hooked on drugs, also occasionally collect tips about drug operations from kids who, in the freshness of youthful anti-drug zeal, n&aiuml;vely inform on their parents and other relatives, unaware of mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines.

Discuss the DARE program.

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