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   February 2000

01: geeky forum - There's now a better system for randomly ever after feedback.
02: harrowing public toilet experience - A few turds and a whole lot of foul gas.
03: the joys of crisis mode - Craziness over system challenges in the workplace.
04: the company everybody/anybody bar - A place in the Gaslamp District where my co-workers all chill on Friday nights.
05: an Oracle lesson - Engineers attend a PL/SQL class and I suffer some injuries along with my hangover.
06: beach as Heaven - Kevin the DBA and I ride our bikes down along the Pacific Beach boardwalk.
07: there will be time line crises - I believe this based on the smugness of the new architecture developers.
08: the icky feel of alien pornography - More trouble with bad project leaders.
09: on rare occasions I don't mind - Things I do after an unsatisfying day at work.
10: it's on the web so it must be true - Conversation with a senior reporter at the National Enquirer.
11: hallmarks of fine ambiance - No matter how fine the Italian food, it's hard to stay fine in the presence of greyish yellow cart full of ammonia-scented floor washing solution.
12: Ojai, California - A hippie town in the remote mountains northwest of Los Angeles.
13: reductionist, mechanistic views - Kim and I argue about the nature of life.
14: homemade Valentine's save - It turns out better than expected.
15: long knives and other nasties - Dark forces assemble unseen in the corporate structure.
16: good birthday present - I get canned on my birthday.
17: searching for a city - Kim and I weigh the options on where to take our lives.
18: shouted by millions - In some companies, it's best to keep your idle chit-chat centered around your Palm V.
19: do we actually need a moon in the heavens? - Also, the latest CD by Enigma, which sounds like slow Janet Jackson.
20: luck brought me here - And here I am.
21: dream issues - Processing my firing in my dreams.
22: San Francisco it is - It's really what this whole move to California has been about anyway.
23: San Francisco it isn't - I spoke too soon. We're moving to Los Angeles/Santa Monica.
24: a tune of sorts - I make a few breakthroughs with my music composition technique.
25: rock star - Frustration with buggy shareware interfaces and a memorable evening with Shiva.
26: emotionally flattening - Suffering again in the late stages of a hangover.
27: no tell motel - Kim and I roll into Santa Monica late at night in the midst of a film convention and are forced to take a cheap motel room.
28: job interview stage - I have a good interview with a company that runs an online community based around music and music videos.
29: breakfast in Malibu - We do a little exploring around Santa Monica, talk to a real estate agent, and attend to some business.