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   there will be time line crises
Monday, February 7 2000
Some people are just so pompous that all I think about them whenever I see them is what it must be like when they wake up in the morning and must head to the toilet to take a massive, raucous dump stinkage. Some of the developers working on the new architecture here at my workplace (long-time friends of mine, mind you) have become so full of themselves that I want to punch them in their faces nearly every time I see them. They act like everything they're doing is effortless and easy, as if they know the details about everything I ever built and can simulate it perfectly without ever asking me a single question. But the moment I start asking them questions, I realize their zeal is founded upon a vast mound of wishful thinking. This makes me fairly certain that there will be time line crises in the near future.
Meanwhile I'm part of the skeleton crew left maintaining the dying old architecture.

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