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Wednesday, February 23 2000
I notice in my logs that hits to from my erstwhile employer's domain entirely dried up at 6:18pm (Pacific standard time) yesterday. Evidently my former masters have finally mastered a key element of corporate mind control: selective blocking of HTTP requests to specific domains. I'm sure this new skill will float the stock price a point or two higher throughout the day of the IPO, whenever that is. Happily, of course, this will also lead to greater interest in my now official taboo website. Indeed, I suspect Grinder was finding my journal something of a yawn until his company began blocking my web site.

I must apologize to all the people in San Francisco who have written to me expressing joy and support for my decision to move to America's next earthquake disaster area. As it happens, there has been another change of plans. My experience with Kim is that her decisions are a gradual, layered process. In a restaurant, for example, we'll start at the table by the window and it will prove too cold, so we'll move to a booth by the kitchen. Then Kim realizes she really would rather have the bar experience, so that's where we end up. Now our plan is to move to West Los Angeles or Santa Monica. West LA is a sufficiently impressive tantric capital, and dot coms in the area are not hard to find. Indeed, I already have an interview scheduled with a post-IPO dot com for early next week.

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