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Tuesday, April 3 2001
Along my ride to work every morning, I've noticed that someone always parks his or her car with a pair of shoes neatly set out right beside the driver's door. I wonder what this is about. Won't the shoes get taken by someone who considers them a give-away? Are they a give-away? The context is unclear.

During my lunch break today I wrote three different checks for three different credit cards. I felt a minor form of panic that perhaps all my credit card debt (taken on mostly to pay off Bathtubgirl) is an ocean that will one day drown me. But then I had a totally unexpected sensation. Suddenly it felt fun and exciting to push the envelope of my financial capability. My credit rating will soar as cash pours through my accounts under such pressure! What I really need is a fast car and a six figure income, things that can surely be had if I actually put forth the effort to get them.
But this too is madness. Today I admitted to Linda via AOL Instant Messenger that I miss my old six dollar an hour nightshift job at an ISP. Back then, in 1996, I was happy and could leave it all behind at any time without difficulty. Those were the days.
In the evening John and I ate corn chips and beans. John had grown weary of beans a few months ago and stopped eating them, but his interest in them has experienced something of a renaissance.

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