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   May 2001

01: male-specific plumbing - I blow a gasket in my prostate.
02: peppery poops - I eat some of John's homemade salsa.
03: live in my idea of Utopia - I walk around Brentwood and breath the fresh air of springtime.
04: stress without booze - Gretchen shows up completely by surprise.
05: engaged - On the beach in Venice Gretchen and I declare our engagement.
06: burned - I have sunburns all over my torso. Also, we go to Swingers in West Hollywood.
07: I get a '65 Beetle - My workplace continues to slide into depression. Also, Julian gives me his car.
08: engagement ring - I successfully make a ring for Gretchen and then drive her to the airport in my Bug.
09: glummy glum - Rolling blackouts, viruses, dotcom malaise, and John finds me cheap VW parts.
10: rotten heart of Los Angeles - I vist Bathtubgirl at her new digs in downtown Los Angeles.
11: testing the waters of capitalism - More bad feelings about work and John and I play pool and talk to a random Turkish chick.
12: adventures with Punch Buggy Rust - John and I go to an East LA junk yard, get some spare parts for my Beetle, and then drive it around and have unexpected adventures.
13: hoop and stick - Gretchen anticipates a Simpsons sight gag.
14: blacker Monday - A really big round of layoffs come through and I survive.
15: why so many people? - Why did dotcoms feel the need to have such large numbers of employees? I thought computers were supposed to do the work!
16: Lumirova at the Silverlake Lounge - John and I take Pinkis the Silverlake Lounge to see Lumirova. We meet up with Linda and Julian there.
17: dark red screens of fucked - Mostly all people did today was pack their shit and read about the company on
18: consolidating workplaces - We move out of Olympic to the Pennsylvania building.
19: retro-Red Dawn - I watch Red Dawn with John.
20: Badly Drawn rock star - John, Chun, Maria and I see Badly Drawn Boy at the El Rey Theatre.
21: didn't even exist - I have a good chuckle about the Kaycee thing.
22: denied three consecutive winters - The blues and the blahs about the need to get out of this fucking state.
23: bring on the dotcom postmen - The screwy nature of postal delivery in West LA.
24: low rent malt liquor supermarkets - I drink a malt liquor from Albertsons, confident that it wasn't shelved by a druggie.
25: spontaneous actual roadtrip to San Francisco - On a whim, John and I drive up to San Francisco on the I-5 and stay with internet diarist Jen Wade.
26: walking around San Francisco - John and I walk around San Francisco and finally meet Fandango Matt.
27: where's that confounded bridge? - Driving back to Los Angeles from San Francisco.
28: functional equivalent of a Sunday - I paint pictures and eat hot food.
29: emotional investment in the old priority - A confounded bridge loan has everyone breathing easier.
30: medieval news - The news is all about executions and environmental propaganda these days.
31: reaching up like McDonalds arches - John and I are decisively defeated by some guys at our Irish bar, snack for free at Ralph's, and John picks up a chick at Q's.