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   the earthquakes feel nearly undeniable
Monday, April 30 2001
The carnivorous country folks amongst you probably are familiar with the kind of beef or deer meat that's dry and stringy and breaks apart in fibers between your fingers. That's how I felt for much of today. For awhile there I thought maybe the weather would cheer me up, and at around lunch it seemed promising, what with the sun and the almost comfortably warm air temperature (it is nearly May, you know). But then the clammy grey fog rolled in off the ocean and obscured the Santa Monica Mountains. Meanwhile I was doing my best to debug niggly little front-end issues in the still-unfamiliar XSL infra-language.
I keep feeling small earthquakes, but none of them turn out to be real. I know this because the precarious teabox sculpture towering over my efforts never begins to sway, even when the earthquakes feel nearly undeniable.

One of my readers named Sean sent me the following link, recommendations of a pre-teen focus group for things Guided by Voices need to do to receive the fame and fortune their music so richly deserves.

And there's more: new Guided by Voices song title suggestions.

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