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   May 2002

01: Blue Lagoon - We tour the Reykjanes peninsula.
02: underwear fashion of the youth of today - Something about the panty-inspecting vice principal of Rancho Bernardo.
03: eating spring grass - Sally barfs up a bunch of grass.
04: cropping up repeatedly if uncommonly in our society - I note the similarities between Jessika and Enid from Ghost World.
05: unique works of humanity - Gretchen and I live as if we have a future of only two weeks, but we behave differently under this delusional deadline.
06: rent paying among cats - Squirrels, Catbirds and other backyard wildlife interact with our pets in Brooklyn.
07: thick pop cultural veins - Anna comes over and we watch some reality teevee.
08: Puzzled by Service Changes? - Another trip to PS1 and Jackson Heights.
09: testdrive its algorithm - Fun with the Google algorithm.
10: the first little foothill - A little data for my AI project after a day of computer trouble.
11: barbecue smoke forced us - Gretchen and I find a good place to hang out in Prospect Park.
12: rainy-day dog boredom - Sally and Suze finally get to working on Sally's birthday rawhide.
13: Noah's tidiness issues - I clean up his accidental poo smears using cargo-cult alchemy.
14: preparing for a sabbatical - I load up on MP3s before heading out to Redneckistan.
15: miserable Greyhound Bus experience - One of the worst transportation ordeal of my life, and I've gone hitchhiking plenty.
16: I like time capsules - I put together a time capsule containing old 386s.
17: Rockfish Gap Tunnel - Jessika drives me from Staunton to Charlottesville in her Subaru Brat.
18: Rapture's special graduation menu - This downtown restuarant and pool hall does a quickie sustitution of its menu when the parents are in town.
19: Fast Eddie's barbecue - Also, Jessika and I attend a staff-only party at the Tokyo Rose with Josh Mustin.
20: illogical results of extreme corporate cost-cutting - Greyhound has recently been moving its bus stations from the centers to the distant fringes of towns.
21: cold weather malaise - I have trouble mustering either appetite and energy on this cold day in May.
22: milk at the Indian restaurant - My brother orders milk at a Staunton Indian restaurant and first they ask if he wants sugar in it, then they ask if he wants it warm.
23: trails and travails - I make a little trail beneath the dense canopy of the white pines of Horizon Field.
24: barbecue at Jessika's - Also, I meet Peggy's son Abu for the first time since his infancy.
25: obvious tussin behavior - I put together a time capsule containing old 386s.
26: dead animal day in the bender - A horse dies at my parents' place and then a dog dies at a party.
27: Coronas and salsa - Not a bad hangover treatment.
28: Valley Proteins - A surreal scene in which the corpse of Willow the horse is taken away by a dead animal truck. Also, a replacement for Hoagie's dead computer.
29: feces for the ages - I haven't used my parents' toilet in years.
30: diebacks in planted trees - I look at some of the trees I planted in the 80s and note that some are rather sickly.
31: between the wines - Gretchen reads poetry at a wine tasting in Arlington, Virginia.