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   August autumn
Friday, August 6 2004
Regarding horserace polling for the election race with and without Nader, here is the effect I thought I saw a week or so ago:
John Kerry and George W. Bush remain tied among voters nationwide, with Kerry at 49% and Bush at 46%. With Ralph Nader on the ballot, Kerry is at 49%, Bush is at 45%, and Nader is at 2%. See the results among registered voters from the July 30-August 1 survey at 2004 Presidential Ballot.
If this poll is to be believed, the Nader effect is to take zero points from Kerry, one point from Bush, and one point from undecided troglodytes. If the Nader effect is going to work like that, by all means, put Nader on the ballot! But don't vote for the bastard, leave that for the moronic Bush people who have trouble deciding whether they like peace, renewable energy, and consumer rights or preemptive invasions of oil-rich countries, drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Rapture-dependent fiscal policy, and corporate welfare.

It was cool all day and felt more like fall than summer. The most ambitious project I undertook today was to build a four-foot stone cairn in the woods along the Stick Trail. Cairns are marvelously beautiful structures, and in this region they're even easier to build than stick trails; in most places there are far more stones than sticks.
I've also been gathering flat stones to use in the new heat shield panel I will install behind the woodstove. Unable to do any work at the House of Stank today, I drove to a place along Dug Hill Road where rock can be easily gathered. It's that crumbly rock with the interesting metallic patina. I probably won't end up using much of it, but it would be great as decorative highlights in a design.

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