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Wednesday, August 25 2004
I had a mercifully short cowboy electrician gig today which lasted only an hour and a half, about what I'd predicted. The problem in the past with these sorts of gigs is that I always think they'll take an hour and a half, but unless they're very simple, something like installing four ceiling lights (what I did today), they usually drag on for hours. Having done of few of these gigs now I objectively know that installing a single ceiling fan typically takes an hour and a half and installing two circuits in an open basement will take well over half a day. I think in the past my difficulty in gauging the time necessary to do something was the result of a kind of amnesia that overtakes me the moment I complete a project. The amnesia denies all the necessary toil and looks back dismissively on the effort as trivial. This amnesia is so severe that sometimes I find myself subconsciously trivializing the effort I'd made to complete massive projects, such as the backend for Vodkatea or all the construction I did in this house. [REDACTED]

Strictly of interest to me: how to prepare a Windows XP installation CD with a service pack already applied.

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