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Tuesday, August 24 2004
He's been off in New York City a lot working as a tech writer, but today Mr. Meatlocker came over to hang out. We wheeled around on the wheelchairs and talked about various things like the Meatlockers' upcoming wedding. At one point he was talking about a hotel employee and Mr. Meatlocker said, "I don't mean to sound racist, but she was really white."
At some point I noticed that the wheelchair I'd been doing tricks in had a damp seat from having been out in the rain. There was that smell again - hospital disinfectant, and it all over the seat of my trousers. I took them off and held them to my nose to see how much work needed to be done to exorcise that fragrance. Horrified, I detected a trace of old person urine in the bouquet emanating from the wet spot. Evidently the person who had used this wheelchair had been somewhat incontinent and the residue of his of her mishaps had never been completely washed away.
Eventually the three of us ate a dinner comprised of chili and at least three different forms of corn. Then we all watched an astonishingly bad cheerleader movie called Bring It On Again. It's hard to write a bad cheerleader movie; they practically write themselves. But this movie was so predictable and the characters so mired within their stereotypes that this movie actually succeeded in inflating the emptiness in our souls. Was it really necessary, for example, for the black cheerleading sidekick to have absolutely no love life whatsoever? That in addition to the fact that she was never considered for the position of cheering captain, and she didn't seem to care?
I'm also left with this question: does modern cheerleading music really have all those videogame sound effects mixed into it?

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