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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - Larson SpamBouncer Microsoft NA Heel AOL Nico Holes Trail TCP Vaio Fahrenheit Honda Civic Victorian Britney Pennsylvania AWOL Stella Uptown PC WinAmp George W Peter Tork Monkee Towne Crier

February - South Ted Ranch Doritos DSL Ironed Jawed Angels Indian Manhattan Catskill Animal Sanctuary French Quarter New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade Venice Lousiana Mobile Alabama Biloxi Deep Gulf Coast Paltz Home Depot Silver Jews

March - KDE KKK Windows Eye Brattleboro VT YI Impreza Verizon Comedy Central World Cooking St Day Man God Eternal Sunshine Spotless Mind Refrigerator People Clarke Chernobyl Rail High Falls Sun Ulster County

April - Nest Road Muslim Iraq SUNY Unspill Milk Bush Ladytron Luna FM York Correctional Facility Ellenville Spring Creek Gorge Gates Bill Tipping Velvet X10 School Rock Abu Gharib

May - Portland England Island Maine Sally Porcupine American Iraqi Sasser Worm Laden Boulevard Lyndie Hip Hop Dentistry Eleanor Yagi Spanish Ecuador DD Boy Meat Locker Rochester Township Stick Hussein Egg

June - Darwinian Sex Lucia Park Open Your Eyes Dude PHP Tijuana PATRIOT Act Univision Mexico Sawkill Eagle NY Funky Pond Summit Red Telephone Keegan Ales House Party Jaguar

July - Dug Hill Bread Beckfast Productions Fernando Valley Mountain Plateau Lexmark Dewalt Christian HP Danbury CT Trader Joe Flag Constitution Democratic

August - Michael Moore Nader Ira Glass Ursa Major Esopus Naderism Jason West Green Republican Convention Jackets White Faced Hornets Greenville Corn Festival Ot Hiem Do NYC

September - DNA Ithaca Labor GW National Guard Heritage Hashana Virginia MRIs Interpol Jessika Scotty Hillbilly Werewolf Charlottesville VA State Night Creator Kippur Extreme Makeover Edition Focus Groups Attack

October - Bald Eagles Emma Goldman Michelle Shocked Brothers Nu Bluegrass John Chinese Toyota Mavis Discount Tire Nancy Ray CD Film Stank Rosendale Novia Tivos Lawyer Rondout Brother Mujer Madera This Life Nazi

November - America Pig Saturdays Jesus Himself Fallujah Provincetown Roman Catholics Scouts Mission District SFMOMA Good Vibrations North Bay

December - Onteora Lake Meatlockers Tillson WL P GTV Tivo Hawking Pat Boone PoE Boogie Nights Book Clarence Hz Ocean Firefox Boxing County Office Building