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Tuesday, March 15 2005
When I was walking the dogs this morning, I decided to look at the survey points on the ground knowing what I now do about the parcel that is for sale behind our property. I'd been under the impression that, since this parcel runs mostly parallel to Dug Hill Road, it (along with the many other strip-shaped parcels) is oriented perpendicular to the contours. But that didn't make sense in view of what I also knew, that there is a straight, well-surveyed property line running along the base of the cliff just uphill from the Stick Trail. Today on the ground, though, I realized that this surveyed line runs more or less parallel to but uphill from the border at the back of our property (as defined by two survey metal survey spikes in the ground). This means it is actually parallel to the contours for most of its length and only crosses the contours at either end. Most interesting of all, the Stick Trail runs right down its center for nearly half a mile! Suddenly the parcel no longer seems as irrelevant to our lives as it had.

This is from a photo I took of the tax map at the offices of Win Morrison Realty on Sunday. Our parcel is in pink, Catskill State Park land is in green, the parcel that is for sale is in blue, and the Stick Trail is in orange. You can see the "access road" with dubious right of way running along the west side of our property. (On this map, north is at the top and one inch is about 850 feet on most monitors.)

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