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   return of the trout
Monday, March 28 2005
My pressure head "aches," where I feel like there's a trout stretching to burst out of my forehead, were back again today. They weren't as bad as they've been, but they were cause for concern given the fact that I'd thought I was mostly over them. I notice that the feelings mostly disappear when I lie down and usually take a half hour to come back once I get up and start walking around. What little effect exercise has on them might be to make them go away.
Unfortunately, though, I wasn't able to get much exercise today because it rained continuously. It was the first rain in months; up until today it had always been cold enough for snow whenever precipitation fell.

For the past few days I've been reading Gina Kolata's Flu about the deadly global influenza pandemic of 1918. After reading Jared Diamond's Collapse, the writing in Flu seems awkward and formulaic and (worst of all) absolutely devoid of humor. This might normally be expected given the subject matter - but then again, Diamond is the master of tastefully going from poignant to hilarious when writing about the extinction of an entire society.

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