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Thursday, March 31 2005
This morning Gretchen and I brainstormed for at least a half hour before giving our new black cat "Babe" a respectable name: Sylvia.

Today was yet another beautiful day in early spring, and I took the opportunity to finally do something that I'd been on the cusp of doing back in August, when the basement dampness emergency snapped me out of continuing with luxury household projects. This was the installation of the vertical balusters on the labortory deck's rails. This job went much more quickly than I'd anticipated once I'd discovered I could cut all the balusters to size with one (well, actually two) passes of the power saw while they were still in bundles of a dozen.
As I worked, I listened to the streaming internet radio station 97X (WOXY in Cincinnati). I like this station because its playlist is so vast; it's rare to hear a song twice when listening. By contrast, on (say) SOMA FM's Indie Pop Rocks you're likely to hear The Color Bars' "Eliza" more often than you would have heard "Hotel California" back in 1977. "Eliza" has worn out its welcome like few other songs I have known. For a song that, frankly, sounds a little like a novelty, such saturation airplay seems like something that should be reportable to the EPA if not the FCC.

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