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Friday, March 21 2008 [REDACTED]
Alone by myself at the house, eventually I grew bored of television and the endless woodstove pedestal project, so I dove to Uptown Kingston for a couple slices of pizza, a bottle of white wine, and to half-heartedly browse the dollar store. I don't consider myself a pathological shopper, though I will admit I often enjoy shopping. For me it can be a treasure hunt. What can I add to my life to improve it or take it in some interesting new direction? What with their downtrodden customers, sour smells, and buckets catching leaks from stained drop ceilings, dollar stores aren't as pleasant as most other shopping venues, though there is more uncertainty in terms of what can be found (whatever stuff happened to be on the latest slow boat from Shanghai). Today I found an enormous plastic funnel, the perfect tool for all my solar collector's antifreeze top-loading needs.
At the liquor store I bought a [REDACTED] bottle of Barefoot Pinot Grigio. When Gretchen is away, it's fun to pick a day to just get my drunk on in front of the teevee, and in my experience white wine provides the most comfortable drunk there is.
At some point after I'd drunk a good fraction of the bottle, I walk up the road with a handtruck and retrieved a chair and Ottoman from a neighborhood house that was throwing them out. I don't think I would have done that had I been sober, but at least I didn't attempt to use the car.

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