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Tuesday, October 21 2008
We had our first frost of the season a few days ago, back on the 18th (a fairly normal first frost for this season). I'm trying to get most of the masonry for my greenhouse done before the hard frosts come. I'm concerned about what will happen when the shale bedrock under my foundation drops below freezing. It's brittle and full of fractures containing water, and I'd be concerned about it disintegrating into shards were that water to freeze and expand. At some point I think I'll rake up a bunch of leaves and fill the foundation with them, providing hopefully enough insulation to keep the bedrock above freezing. It's looking increasingly doubtful that I'll have the greenhouse closed up before the worst of winter descends.
I finished the first tier of concrete blocks today and then nearly completed a second tier of the southern wall, installing eight blocks total. I also poured concrete in a few places to make slight modifications to the first tier, which isn't quite square.

Some have written to ask me what ended up happening with that box of old librarian study materials I caught someone dumping in the woods near my greenhouse construction site. The box had belonged to the only librarian I know, a woman named Amy. The next day her husband Johnny came by and offered to take the box off my hands. He said it had been part of a collection of trash that he and Amy had paid a couple of teenagers to dispose of. Evidently these teenagers thought they could cut some corners like the mafia and just dump the trash in nature and save the trip to the dump (as well as the dumping fee). I told Johnny I'd be happy to keep the study materials and use them as kindling.

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