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Friday, October 24 2008
During the course of today I installed nine blocks, and, again, could have installed more had I put more time into it. Later, while Gretchen was at her guitar class in Kingston with the dogs, I took the dog-free opportunity to drive into town and buy eighteen concrete blocks and a bag of mortar. Though not a record weight, this was a record block count for my hatchback.

Mentally, I've been completely obsessed with the presidential race. Not only do I listen to the webcast as I work on my greenhouse, but whenever I'm near a computer it's hard to do anything but obsessively checking the polls (,, and I also wander through the HuffingtonPost, DailyKos (preachers for my choir) and then hit the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN on occasion just to make sure terrorists haven't done a little "campaigning" to keep John McCain's presidential dreams alive. The moron constituency has dashed my hopes for several election cycles now, but this time it's looking like the better candidate will actually win, and I want to be there for every twist and turn of the story as it unfolds.
The ongoing Ashley Todd fiasco is the latest fascinating twist. Ashley Todd is a troubled McCain volunteer who had claimed a scary black mugger had carved a backwards "B" into her face after noting her McCain bumper sticker. Authorities were suspicious (a backwards "B," really?) and today Todd confessed to having made the whole story up. What had seemed like an coup for the worst of McCains Neanderthals was suddenly snuffed out, and all who had heralded it shamed by the garbage it had given them license to spew.

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