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Monday, October 27 2008
Today I completed the masonry part of the greenhouse's south wall, the wall that will support the double glazing given to me by Penny and David over a year ago when they were rennovating their boxy modernist house. Today's block tally was 9.5; I had to use a half block at the place where the door will go in the east wall. Later I filled the central core in the south wall with concrete and rebar all the way to the top to strengthen the wall in the center. I will do this in a few other cores as well, as well as the cores in all four corners. Ultimately I'd like to fill all the cores with something (either concrete or loose rock) so the walls can serve as part of the greenhouse's thermal mass. I'll be insulating the walls on the outside near the surface to keep the cold ground from stealing heat from them.

This evening I took the dogs to Catskill Mountain Coffee to retrieve three pounds of Zanzibar, my favorite flavor of unground coffee. As always, I took the dogs on a walk down to Onteora Lake, which on this day looked like mirror set in front of the blazing foliage beyond. It was just warm enough for me to wear nothing over my Obama 2008 teeshirt, which was still my outfit at Home Depot when I picked up fifteen concrete blocks. Home the Depot might be a favorite haunt of Joe the Biden, but even in blue state like New the York, it's hardly feels like friendly setting for such displays.

Later while I was watching teevee with Gretchen, Wilma was on my chest and I was petting one of her paws like I often do. Suddenly (and this is normal bitchy behavior for her) she swatted me in the face, claws out. She caught the edge of my lower left eyelid, tearing a quarter inch gash in the extremely sensitive tissue. It was more painful than I would have expected from such an injury, and the pain proved lingering and distracting until I went to bed. For awhile it even felt like my eye had been affected, but thankfully that crucial sensory organ appeared to be uninjured in the mirror.

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