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   June 2009

01: rash-inducing line - Digging a ditch through a Poison Ivy patch.
02: limit of an electrical box - Damn GFI outlets! Also, my friend David tells me about his recent publishing adventures.
03: perhaps too powerful - A welding sunburn and a five watt FM transmitter.
04: into the spider hole - Looking for the place where critters have been entering the house.
05: several grades better - Mystery topsoil in the Hurley Township.
06: the tragic beauty of yardsaling - It's possible to pay someone less than $100 for an entire museum.
07: under rocks - A crushed snake and digital religious nonsense.
08: quiet cowbird - The low-key behavior of a brood parasite.
09: not seeing a show - We go to Manhattan to see a show and end up mostly eating instead.
10: ringneck snake boulders - The wildlife under huge rocks.
11: sufficiently peanutbutteresque - More Portland cememnt for the very wet concrete.
12: FM ranging on the last day of analog teevee - Driving around and checking the range of my FM transmitter.
13: failure of imagination - Contemplating a barbecue as the only quasi-vegetarian there.
14: stages as if outside - Also, I hook up a switch for my greenhouse light, along with an outdoor outlet.
15: isn't poison and doesn't confer - Also, burying conduit.
16: under my left shoulder blade - Dealing with a temporary back problem.
17: millipedes for hummingbirds - What animals are more and less common in this unusually rainy spring.
18: rainy rivulets - A day of power outage, a nervous dog, and a cleaning jihad.
19: without an hour - Beginning our travel day to Seattle with a clock alarm screw up.
20: Seattle solstice parade - Naked cyclists, a Zen comedy bit, and vegan food.
21: downtown Seattle - Vintage clothing, a farmers' market, and playing games with the fam.
22: ferry to San Juan - Traveling northwestward to near Vancouver Island. Also vegan food and a movie.
23: kayaking the Strait of Juan de Fuca - Climbing a mountain, seeing the distant Olympic mountains, kayacking a straight, eating fries and drinking a pale ale.
24: crossing snow on flip flops - A hike on Mount Rainier above the Paradise Lodge in unsuitable footwear.
25: crossing the Columbia - Driving into Portland, eating more vegan food, and visiting the author of a series of vegan cookbooks.
26: Mississippi and Failing - Not everything great in Portland is vegan, but much of it is.
27: views of Mount Hood - A great cherry tree, a salvaged Elementary School, yard saling, and viewing distant volcanoes from a rose garden.
28: between the large - The downside of checking in late to a Southwest flight.
29: return to the land of humidity - Wanting to hang out with my greenhouse and Stripey the Cat.
30: water enters well - Watching the groundwater effects of a downpour as it happens.