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   May 2009

01: highway squirts - Driving with a cat suffering from diarrhea. Also, why kids might not want their parents to see them eating much.
02: can't believe I'm already - Life is a slowly-unfolding tragedy.
03: congestion and rain - Also, free coffee on I-95.
04: core 2 duo Woodchuck - I rebuild my computer for the first time in four years.
05: another gravitational attractor - A little tech in the lab, a little Wonderboard on the greenhouse.
06: cardamom key - How to make flavorless mush taste like quality Indian food.
07: Crossgates Standard - Seeing the reprise of a This American Life simulcast.
08: like a true fly-by-night hardware company - More video card hell, this time mostly because Nvidia is incompatible with Nvidia.
09: devoured while gardening - Covered with wounds from flies as I set up 2009's garden.
10: great/terrible thing - What happens when you bury styrofoam.
11: steel birdhouse - I make a gift for a friend from weathering steel.
12: be merry, for tomorrow - A friend's cat dies while we're visiting.
13: vegans eat at every meal - Trying to eat vegan and being disappointed.
14: a cerebral monosyllable of woe - Muttering to myself as I work.
15: motion detected computer display activation - I use a Sensor Plug motion detector to turn on my monitors after Windows proves incapable of doing this on one of my monitors.
16: gardening demands - And maybe I should make myself a scythe.
17: like molten limestone - Applying Portland cement before I can run cable.
18: frantically confusing richness - Also, the new Star Trek movie.
19: cat on insulation - They find it more cushy than scratchy. Also: tools for mild hygienic complaints.
20: painted picture on a teevee screen - A genius complains after updating his dynamic web page with static HTML.
21: supporting language - I find a way to support many languages in tables not otherwise multilingualized.
22: battle with the multilingual - It's foolish to work with an inadequate database design no matter the timeline.
23: hen so friendly - Yardsaling in the May, 2009 in Woodstock, NY.
24: before the widespread discovery of non-instant coffee - A guy eats a steak at my dinner table and it seems anachronistic.
25: veganizing the Universe - Conversation that can make my eyes glaze over.
26: some sort of software rot - A PCI x16 video card in an x1 slot, but still the damn thing won't go into standby.
27: having to hardcode - And it makes me die a little inside.
28: price to be paid for good rock and roll - If you like the Beach Boys, perhaps that price is global climatic catastrophe.
29: Dug Hill Road sand - Boggle, vegan pizza, and inevitable talk about high colonics.
30: last of the borrow pile - I finish moving soil excavated for the greenhouse.
31: energy or simulation? - A non-atheist interviews an atheist at a dinner party.