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   April 2009

01: like walking a dog - I finally get hard disk ghosting to work, and it's while watching American Idol.
02: sweet spot of repression - Even repressive environments like prisons trend toward that sweet spot of repression where operations proceed most smoothly.
03: Cacapon State Park - A first night in West Virginia at a wedding attended by old Big-Fun-era alums.
04: friendosphere - A wedding at Cacapon State Park: old friends, new friends, and the hiking of various skirts.
05: finiteness of life - Saying goodbye to my old friends and seeing my father's deteriorating state.
06: lazy, selfish, and blockheaded - Why my father is dying among piles of dusty catalogs.
07: expired catalogs - Another altercation about the state of my parents' house as my father grows weaker.
08: practical house - Looking at potential new houses with Jessika.
09: streets named Carlton - Extricating myself from Charlottesville and driving back to Hurley and watching American Idol.
10: retreating into the calendar - Pouring black powder into a printer cartridge while clouds gather.
11: some curative talent - In Adventureland, the best thing was the soundtrack.
12: Budweiser Dude - A Dead-loving morning drinker sells me a bandsaw.
13: Wonderboard ceiling - It's not easy to get that stuff up there.
14: thousands of years of holes - Contemplating the fate of a board used in many temporary applications.
15: enterprise-grade phone - My gadget chops applied to setting up an organization's business phone system.
16: æsthetically unpredictable - Portland cement as a finishing stucco.
17: chuckle to myself uncomfortably - Fixing a vexing cookie bug and watching Religulous.
18: fuck-you waiting for somebody - Moving a friend from Kerhonkson to Saugerties.
19: even less frequent visitor - My old Big Fun friend Peggy visits.
20: fidelity-ruining conduit - Gretchen orders Chinese from memory.
21: worse-than-random - It's 2009 and in America we torture people by slamming them into walls.
22: little patience for white guys - Watching as the least-white of the American Idol contestants are eliminated.
23: enough: a flexible standard - Finding more uses for styrofoam when more becomes available.
24: potential of awfulness/anachronistic horribleness - Ditch digging with the flies of spring and watching the Rocker.
25: remarkable balanced head - A walk in the woods on a hot April day.
26: avoiding slitting - Picking up sharp rocks but not suffering much injury.
27: protecting styrofoam - Using Wonderboard as an outdoor styrofoam covering.
28: cooking for dogs - Also, the klutziest guy I know.
29: WASPy names for Intel processors - Also, the klutziest guy I know.
30: infected by a web page - I succumb to a vulnerability in Firfox 3.0.8.