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Tuesday, May 26 2009

Deborah had enough good (if medicinally-maintained) nights to feel safe enough to return to her place on the west bank of the Esopus in Saugerties, so she and her huge dog Juneau left, and very slowly it dawned on the cats that the Polar Bear that had invaded their habitat was no longer around. Clarence, who had grown more comfortable around Juneau but had also resumed sleeping in the greenhouse attic, took particular joy in being able to casually stretch out on the living room floor.

I took delivery of a second Nvidia GeForce 9400 x16 PCI Express video card today, and I installed it in the little x1 slot on Woodchuck's motherboard that I'd modified with a Dremel the other day. A few reboots later and the computer was running all four screens using just the two PCI Express cards. They were indeed compatible with one another and would have been compatible with the two vintage PCI video cards as well. At some point in the transition from the old paradigm to the new one, the settings tab on my display control panel showed a crazy array of six different screens.
Unfortunately, though, standby and hibernate remain unreliable on Woodchuck. You'd think a modern computer would be able to flip into and out of power saving modes like ringing a bell, but there's its easy for some sort of software rot to set in and make this impossible in an otherwise-healthy computer.

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