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Sunday, June 14 2009
I went to Home Depot today to get supplies for maybe redoing the hydronic pipes rising from the laboratory deck to the solar deck. I got forty feet of three quarter inch copper pipe and a pair of expensive washing machine hoses featuring a jacket of braided stainless steel; it seemed like some sort of hose would be necessary for the final part of the run, because I occasionally have to lower the panel it attaches to down to horizontal for maintenance, and a stiff copper link would have to be disconnected to allow for that. [REDACTED]

This evening I continued a project I'd begun yesterday, the hooking up of a lightswitch to a lighing circuit I'd built in the greenhouse. Because the greenhouse is a wet environment, I'd decided to make the switch by the door into a pullstring to provide maximum isolation from the electricity. While I was hooking up the box containing the pullstring switch, it was fairly easy to drill a hole through the header above the door to provide a duplex GFI outlet on the outside of the greenhouse.

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