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Monday, June 15 2009 [REDACTED]

I've been listening to Bob Mould's new album Life and Times (which I'd bought as an MP3 download). I'd hadn't been a big fan of Mould's quiet reflective phase, but on this album he's got a good density of the kind of songs I like, the kind with shimmering wall-of-sound guitars. I particularly like "My Mother 17," and "Wasted World" is great too, though the references in the lyrics to the internet already sound dated. Mould's Copper Blue was a nearly-perfect CD, and at times this sounds a lot like it.

Down in the greenhouse, most of the electrical wire is hidden in the wall, though there is now plastic conduit running above the east window to the door, providing the wires for the pull switch near the door and for the outdoor outlet. This evening I began burying most of the conduit beneath Portland cement and fiberglass mesh. This medium is a little like paper maché in that it can take any three dimensional form and must be built up in layers. But it's more durable, particularly in wet environments.

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