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Thursday, June 18 2009
Rain fell constantly today, creating rivulets in all manner of unusual places. A small pond formed directly north of the dirt mound against the greenhouse's north wall. Sally was reacting to this rain as though a thunderstorm was threatening, walking around nervously and panting. She didn't seem concerned about being rained on and followed me around outside as I reveled in the surface runoff (something I have always done and which still hasn't lost its luster).
The rain must have done something bad to the local power grid because there was an outage in the late morning that lasted until about 4:00pm. The house isn't as fun when the 19th Century descends (and the generator of the fussy neighbors across the street starts up), so I took the opportunity to drive into town on a grocery run. When I got home and found the power was still out, climbed into bed under the covers next to Gretchen (who was reading) and read an article in the New Yorker. Unfortunately, it was a little dark on the side of the bed I was on, so I eventually gave up and fell asleep.
In the evening, during the beginning of another taco-based meal, I made a deliberately-horrible pun, one that Gretchen immediately recognized as outside my normal sphere of humor. "I was punning ironically," I said. "That's like playing hacky-sack ironically," Gretchen replied. "Yeah, or maybe date-raping ironically," I agreed.
Later I went on something of a cleaning jihad as a way of preparing our house for housesitters. Gretchen and I would be leaving for the Pacific Northwest tomorrow morning bright and early.

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