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Sunday, December 6 2009
I've completely stopped using the household toilets for anything but the flushing of cat feces and urine litter clumps, but Gretchen, partly for anatomical reasons, continues to use them. Today, though, she surprised me by, for the first time ever, making use of the brownhouse for its intended purpose. It was a sunny morning and she said it had been a very pleasant experience (that is, odorless and reasonably warm). I doubt she'll use it very often (particularly in cold weather), but it's the thought that counts.

In the late afternoon, Gretchen drove down to Brooklyn for some big vegan and/or animal rights invitation-only event. The photogenic vegan Buddhists bailed at the last moment, leaving Gretchen to drive down all by herself. She half-heartedly attempted to get me to come, but of course it was only last weekend that I did the Thanksgiving schlepp, so I considered myself officially on vacation.
Soon after she hit the road, Gretchen called me complaining about a mysterious noise coming from somewhere in the Honda Civic. From her description, I said it sounded like a leak in the exhaust system and not to worry, and that I'd look at it when she returned.

I tucked into a night of crappy science television and Aliens, a movie I remember loving when I was younger. From the perspective of 23 years later, the acting seems hackneyed, the set design monotonous, and what the hell was that little white girl in there for? Also, having seen his other films, the smudgy fingerprints of James Cameron seemed to obscure a sheen I had remembered. Still, the coed nature of the space marine unit sent to the alien-infested planet still has a futuristic quality all these years later.

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