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Friday, December 11 2009 [REDACTED]
David of David and Penny came over to talk business today (he needs help keeping his website alive), but only a minute or two after he arrived came a delivery truck bearing two huge pieces of furniture: a brand new couch for the teevee room (replacing a comfy-if-fragrant couch we'd brought with us from Brooklyn) and a small table in the dining room upon which we feed the cats (cat food must be kept off the floor or gets eaten by dogs). So while the two Hispanic guys were wrestling in and then assembling the new bigger cat food furniture in the kitchen, David and I somehow extracted that huge couch from upstairs and stowed it away in the garage. Then came the new couch, a big overstuffed maroon thing whose whimsical dowdiness matched the teevee room well.

Later I took the chainsaw down to where the Stick Trail crosses the Chamomile and proceeded to cut up a tangle of downed trees that have been lying there for all the time we've been Upstate. I'd rejected them as being inferior and perhaps rotten wood, but on cutting them up they seemed to be sound trunks of well-seasoned White Ash.

This evening Gretchen and I drove out to Woodstock to have dinner with our friends Jen and Chris (who had fallen out of radio contact for months after buying a new house off Glasgo Turnpike). The house is small, but includes a substantial outbuildings, including a studio for Chris to paint in and a cottage that they operate as bed and breakfast sans breakfast, earning enough money to cover a third of their mortgage. We were given a tour of both buildings, and I found the cleanliness of the latter enviable. "Clean" is such a hard thing to pull off, at least in my life. It's just too hard to find the necessary time to dedicate to the cause, particularly when, in theory, procrastinating cleaning for later results in the same future state with much less cumulative effort. The only problem with that method is that you find yourself spending more time living in filth.
The most striking thing about Jen and Chris is their capacity to drink. I don't often find myself being lapped by other beer drinkers, but tonight I'd find myself a third of the way into my beer and already they'd be asking if I wanted another.
Dinner was a delicious Thai noodle dish served with wine. After dinner we sat around talking and laughing. Socializing is really easy for me with some people and tonight I felt in top form, an analysis Gretchen came to independently.

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