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Thursday, December 10 2009
Today I found myself setting up a virtual server somewhere on the internet using Plesk, a web-based server/hosting configurator. I do this sort of work maybe once every six or eight months, and it's always with different server configurator software packages. Even when I use the same software twice, it's usually a different version and set up differently. Consequently, I've never developed any proficiency using web-based server configuration software. I muddle along, hoping to find the place where I can enable ssh or assign an FTP user. The only part of site setup that ever seems to be intuitive is database setup, but with the web server I've found it best to just surrender early and open a trouble ticket. I don't like doing it, and the hosts must not like it when I do it, but they leave me no choice. Indeed, even if I were a master of Plesk or cPanel or Webmin or what have you, I'd still end up opening trouble tickets, because more than half the time a freshly-bought hosting package is misconfigured from the get-go. Different passwords have been assigned to different capabilities, but only one is known, or else they were manually types in wrong in several places. This leads me to think that even at big discount web hosting companies, there among the thousands of robots and dæmons, are a few scruffy humans pulling levers and dodging baskets hanging from cables.


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