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Wednesday, September 21 2011

The cleanup of the laboratory continues, though slowly. I've been distracted with the sort of minutia that cause professional organizers (with specialties in Compulsive Hoarding) so much tsuris on Hoarders. I've been doing things like breaking down old defunct CD and DVD players so as to harvest their gears, lasers, and electromechanical parts. At this point I have a quite a stockpile of plastic gears, many of which are mutually incompatible. But maybe some day I can make something useful or artistic from them.
I stayed up until 4am trying to draw lines on a map in an iPhone application I was developing. I was having no problems with the points (and even coloring those points using false colors mathematically derived from the route ids), but for some reason the lines were giving me a headache, as always seems to happen when trying to learn some incremental new thing in iOS.

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