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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - Skytop Bible Linux MP3 Sony CD FM Arizona Ray Nancy American Chestnut Stick Trail Detective Haitian Ethershield Macintosh IIsi Steakhouse Mac Management Dummies V SQL Paltz New

February - Honda Subaru Pogue Nova Science Now Making Stuff America VD E7 IEs PA Arduino C I2C Valentine Rondout Solar Controller III Nananananah Nigel

March - Tivoli Trader Joe Deborah Juneau Strongman MS Rosendale Gods Led Zepplin Albany Pacific Bachelor Rapids NY Last RAWL Portlandia MPAA Russian

April - Fools Staunton Virginia Guatemalification South Valley Avenue Italian WWII IR R Sparkfun Seder Cooking Parking Wars Eleanor Godaddy Are

May - Day Uptown Tim Eric Awesome Show Great Job Rome Italy Pantheon Tiber River Forum Indian Coliseum Jewish Ghetto Trastevere Gatti Montepulciano Etruscan Chiusi Star Death VR VIP722 Jenny Sylvia Dual Survival HDTV DVR Stripey Cat SB Lorenzo Library Erie

June - Ivy Celexa IPAs High Falls Durock Fi Yum Portlandified Portland Bachelorette New York Old

July - John Quincy Adam Wikipedia Michelle Bachmann Poison Pad2 Interface Builder Phone Bittorrent Herzog Schr Iraqi Freedom Secret Spot Esopus Century Swedish

August - Home Depot AAA USA AA DE PAs Baja Bean Mexican Dad VA Street Irene

September - Hurricane Irene Hill Road Operation The Roman Microsft Otter Mountain Inn IPA Hackintosh Ween Android Film Festival Hawk Dug Sister Wives

October - Olive Bridge Saugerties Summer Black Metal Williamsburg Civic Hispanic DVD Romney Perry MI Oriole Hudson Hidden Tropical Storm CF

November - Chinese Baby Industrial Complex P3s Store Cherrytown Run

December - Bell Mediterranean Mall Stanley Kubrick Rolling Rock Crazy Stupid Love Frozendale Dice White Pine Manhattan WiFi